We offer consultancy services aimed specifically at the micro-CHP industry.

Contact us with your interest, we are glad to hear from new entrants and established members alike.

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every design for a mCHP set-up has its own set of design choices or compromises. Is customer comfort your priority or unit efficiency? Will you hybridise the hot water store to be a thermal store also or keep the functions separate? How will the design work during external efficiency testing compared to real-life with customers?



maybe you haven’t thought of a design yet or you’ve come up with a new concept entirely and you want to know how it would perform in real-life? Do you need some hard to get data to underpin your business case? Use our experience to bring back the knowledge you need to move ahead with confidence.

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there is profit to be made in mCHP but how successfully and for how long? How well do you know your market, your customer segment and what they will want in the fast-moving energy future. Ask us about your market position, customer segment, customer behaviour and attitudes, strategic partnerships, regulations and subsidies in the long-term.



hydrogen represents the future fuel for mCHP beyond 2050 whether that is by burning it in boilers or engines, or oxidising it in fuel cells (the seemingly obvious choice). The coming of hydrogen represents an exciting business opportunity and beginner markets are already starting to form. We aim to support this small field to maturity by spreading learning from hydrogen projects to players in the field. Contact us to find our where there might be an opportunity for your hydrogen product or sign up for our newsletter.

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Decarbonisation of heat.

decarbonisation of heat represents the next big challenge in tackling greenhouse gas emissions. Can heat-pumps be relied upon alone to solve this problem or will they need supporting heating technologies in the bigger picture? An understanding of heat demand is to understand customers, the energy profile of buildings, the limits of the gas and electricity grids, and the varying levels of cost to each solution. Using our knowledge of heating systems and houses we can model decarbonisation levels for future buildings.


Customer Insight

Customer interaction with your product is an essential step in the design process if not the most important. Every change for the consumer involves some effort on their behalf and so your product needs to meet their expectations. There are plenty of stories of innovative technologies that fail to meet their potential due to lack of consumer understanding. Contact us on how you can provide a product that consumers will want to use.