Micro combined heat and power crosses over many different fields in energy nearly all of them interrelated and worth different amounts. Learning which fields are vital to your progress is the key to success of your business.

Build a Profitable Business from micro-CHP


Design, Research and Business Consultancy for the micro-CHP industry

Micro-CHP crosses so many fields in the energy industry it’s hard to know where to maintain your focus in order to achieve success. Let’s explore together the fields that matter most to your mCHP product so you can make your next move with confidence.


Our Expertise


Micro-combined heat and power units (micro-cogeneration)

Micro combined heat and power units for domestic or semi-commercial use. Speed up your development and build confidence in your business plans. Get answers about;

  • design decisions and comprimises

  • researching your market position

  • build confidence in your business plans

  • field-trial support

  • advice on government regulations and available subsidies



Hydrogen represents the fuel of the future for micro-CHP in all it’s forms. The market for micro-CHP will be dominated by those who have a long term plan that includes hydrogen fuel source versions of their product. Contact us to find out how Hydrogen is shaping the future.

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Picture of Solcer House.

Picture of Solcer House.


Decarbonisation of heat

The decarbonsation of heating is the next big challenge in removing carbon emissions from our economy however not much progress has been made so far and the field remains wide open for new entrants and innovative ideas. Learn what it takes to become a market leader in this new field.